Hazel Scott School of Dance respects the privacy of all our students, however it is highly important that we have correct contact details in case of emergencies and I know of any medical conditions that may affect your child within the class. A Registration form and signed copy of this must be completed upon joining the Dance School. These will be updated every September at the beginning of the academic year. Any details provided on the registration form will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be disclosed to any third party company. However some information will be required to register with our governing body ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) and R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) N.A.T.D. (National Association of Teachers of Dancing) for examinations procedures. Please read the following carefully as it forms a legally binding document once signed. Copies may be retained for personal use, available from Hazel Scott.

Child Protection Policy

It is the aim of Hazel Scott School of Dance, in co-operation with the parents/carers, to ensure the provision of safety and protection to all of the children and vulnerable adults whilst attending lessons with Hazel Scott. We believe that; the welfare of the child is paramount, that all children regardless of age, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation or identity, or religious belief have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse. Hazel Scott School of Dance aims to provide a safe and happy environment where children can learn to dance. In this policy the ‘child’ will mean children under the age of 18, and/or vulnerable adults. It is therefore the responsibility of Hazel Scott to ensure any issues or concerns brought to her attention in relation to child protection are investigated thoroughly and sensitively. No child will be discriminated against in terms of medical condition, disability, religion, colour, background etc. When doing shows, fetes, exams etc. all helpers are DBS checked.

Health and Safety Policy

Hazel will keep a register of attendance for every session and a list of emergency contact numbers and any medical conditions for each student available at all times in case of emergency or fire evacuation. Hazel Scott will ensure that very young pupils do not leave the premises without their parent/guardian or other authorised adult. Hazel Scott will stay on the premises until all pupils have left and/or been collected.
In the unlikely event of an accident or incident happening in the care of Hazel Scott, these will be recorded in the accident book. Pupils under the age of 16 will need a parent to sign the form to show they have been informed of the situation and the record will be held by Hazel Scott School of Dance for 12 months. To prevent injury Hazel Scott Will ensure any energetic instruction will only be given after a ‘warm-up’ session and will provide a ‘cool down’ wherever necessary. Where physical corrections are required they will only be carried out by Hazel Scott in a careful and sensitive manor. (Due to the nature of dance training parents should remember physical contact is often necessary)
Hazel Scott will take adequate steps to control any health and safety risks arising, therefore pupils under the age of 16 are to be supervised by their parent/carer or Hazel Scott at all times when in Kitchen areas of premises. It is the responsibility of Hazel Scott to take reasonable steps to ensure the class environment is tidy, clean and free from hazards. Maintenance of the building is the responsibilities of the owner of the premises. Hazel Scott retains the right to discharge any student who persistently disrupts the tuition, uses offensive language or other anti-social behaviour.

Fee Paying Policy

Fees are due to be paid and cleared at the beginning of every term. Fees will be issued to pupils/parents/carers in the format of an invoice for the term upcoming. Fees can be paid for by cash or cheque only. Cheques need to be made payable to Miss Hazel Scott
If payment is not paid and cleared when stated on the terms invoice Hazel Scott will take formal steps to resolve this. Where this is the case children may not be able to attend classes until fees are cleared, where fees are not cleared before leaving, information will be passed onto the Payment legal team for debts to be cleared. Hazel Scott regrets the need for this step, but to ensure the success, availability and fair practice between all parents/carers debts must be cleared. To avoid the above stages, should you have any concerns about your ability to pay in full, please see Hazel Scott at the earliest opportunity. If pupils cannot attend for any reason such as illness or holiday you will be obliged to pay for that week’s lesson, however you may have the opportunity to attend another lesson in replace of this, please see Hazel Scott at the earliest of opportunities to arrange this. Should you/your child decide you/your child no longer wish to continue at Hazel Scott School of Dance, you are required to give a full terms notice in writing along with full payment for that term. If no notice is given a full terms fee will be payable in lieu of notice.


Photography and video recordings may be taken during classes and at end of term Shows under Hazel Scott’s approval. During productions/performances photographs and video recordings will be taken and may be used to promote the Dance School on Social Media, Websites and local press. Any parents/guardians who DO NOT want their child to be included in such recordings need to ensure this is clear on their enrollment form.

Complaints policy/procedure

Hazel Scott School of Dance is always keen to hear feedback from students and parents/guardians and I value new ideas and input. In the event of a complaint from a student or parent I encourage them to speak to Hazel Scott where every effort to resolve the complaint will be met.

Fire Evacuation Policy

In the case of a fire, Hazel Scott will escort all students in her care out of the nearest fire exit, where a register will be taken. Parents/carers are responsible for themselves, siblings of students and those students waiting for the next class, they should also evacuate the building through the nearest fire exit and gather at a place that is safe.

Parents/carers duties in line with the above policies

Parents/carers should ensure that all fees/uniform cost/show cost are paid on time. ( Please refer to Fee paying Policy) in order to keep all data up to date for insurance reason parents/carers must inform Hazel Scott in writing, of any issues including medical conditions that have an effect on a child’s health and safety whilst in the care of Hazel Scott. It is the responsibility of the pupil/parent/carer to ensure that medication such as inhalers/epi pens are clearly marked with the pupils name and brought to every classes and kept easily accessible for the pupil. When pupils participate in shows, fetes exams etc. inhalers, epi pens must be given to Hazel Scott/or chaperone clearly named, these will be kept accessible side stage/back stage in case of emergencies. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure the health and safety of their own children whilst they are not in Hazel Scott’s care i.e.: in changing areas, kitchen area or toilets as these are not supervised. Parents/Carers can be a distraction to children whilst they are learning to dance and for this reason HSSD requests that parents do not watch classes. In the event that parents/carers may be late collecting their child it is important to contact Hazel Scott to inform her at the earliest possible time. Pupils will not be left unsupervised on the premises and Hazel Scott will remain on the premises until all pupils are collected. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to sign their child into and out of the care of HSSD when doing shows and fetes. At the end of term presentation and award ceremony your child may be issued with a trophy or a shield for an eleven month period. Trophies and shields remain the property of Hazel Scott School of Dance. Within this period if you have a shield it is your/parents/carers responsibility to get your name engraved on it if you wish to do so. If within this time scale you leave Hazel Scott School of Dance all trophy’s/shields must be returned when giving your term’s notice of leave. In the event of Trophy’s not being returned or broken parents/carers will be billed for the replacement. Every year trophies are requested to be given back to Hazel Scott in a clean polished condition around June time, reminders will be issued.