Melody Bear


Melody Movement Early Learning is a dance syllabus written by Jill Badger which addresses each dimension of child development and offers a programme of dance movement to enrich the child’s early years (EYFS).

Little Bear Feet 18 - 30 months

These classes are the perfect introduction to dance and movement to music for little Boys and Girls aged 18 months upwards. The joy of dancing and singing are shared by teacher, parent and toddler as they join Melody Bear and her friend Milligan Bear together in their journey to Nursery Rhyme land. Delightful interpretations of traditional nursery rhymes, together with new music and songs inspire children’s natural zest for dance movement and self expression. The use of props, mime, songs and rhymes enrich and charm the children as they take their first steps into the Magical world of Melody Bear.

Tiny Toes 2- 3 years 

Is an exciting class for Boys and Girls. As children continue to develop their motor skills they begin to explore varying movements of the body specifically designed to enhance children’s movements such as travelling backwards walking on tip toes and the basic skipping action. Helping to develop your child’s musicality imagination, posture and balance, social and special awareness and confidence and self-esteem whilst working with fellow classmates.

Tip Toes 3 –4 years

Melody and Milligan Bears’ imaginary lives reflect those of a pre-schooler as we introduce basic ballet and dance movements used in our classical ballet classes including role play, creative movement and mime in a fun and inventive manner, encouraging independence alongside pair work and group dances.

Tip Tap Toe 2—3 years

We Tap, stomp and shuffle our way to finding out what stop we will visit on the “Groove Bus”. The children learn the ability to clap and dance to various rhythms and tempos as well as developing flexibility and tap dancing skills. Rhythm and tempo , beats and sounds are explored in fun creative exercises in the early years tap dancing syllabus.

Groovy Movers 3—4 years

Melody and Milligan Bear introduce basic Tap and Modern steps combined in a fun and inspiring way also incorporating the ISTD Pre-Primary Tap and Modern Theatre Syllabus.